Jimi has siblings, Leon Morris,
Joseph Allen, Cathleen Ira,
Pamela and Alfred Hendrix.
I prophesy to you according to God's Holy Word.

I, the Lord Your God, I am your shepherd and you shall not want. I am making you to lie down in green pastures.
I am leading you beside the still waters -Now- I am leading you in the path of righteousness for My name sake.
You are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but fear no evil, for Leon; I am with you.
My rod and my staff they comfort you. I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies.
I have anointed your head with oil. My cup runs over.
Surely, My goodness and mercy is following after you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the
House of the Lord forever.   Psalms 23.

God told me to tell you, He is in love with you. God says that He is not just in love with you... He is absolutely,
positively crazy about you!   Your sister in Christ, Diana

By my God's help I'm running through troops By my God's help I am leaping over walls By His help I'm taking your queen,knights,your bishops,castles,pawns, I am taking it all!

A adversary,a clever mind,a forceful being; Your purpose is strategizing people schemes You may prevail without your queen, But without KING JESUS, you've lost everything!

The game of playing with other people's lives is over...CHECKMATE!

Our daughter, Jimi's and mine, Tamika Laurice James-Hendrix said, " Mom sometimes later is greater" she was speaking regarding the inheritance from her father.

I have been talking about my God for 34 years now. My God's name is Jesus. He is on the right hand of the Father daily interceding for you and I. You looking at this website comes a prophetic WORD that 2008 is the year that the devil shall give back everything that He stole from my family and me, in JESUS name. The power both naturally and spiritually; IS IN THE FATHER'S BLOOD. - AMEN

" Remove the diadem and take off the crown. Nothing shall remain the same. Exalt the humble and humble the exalted. Overthrow, overthrow. I will make it overthrown! It shall be no longer until He comes whose right it is. And I will give it to Him" Ezekiel 21:27

God bless you!

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Henry and Christina Carpenter

Pastor H. H. Carpenter

Al Hendrix

Al, 80th birthday

Henry (Honey) and Christina Carpenter

Pastor, Elder H. H. Carpenter

Al Hendrix

Al Hendrix, 80th birthday

Lucille Jeter-Hendrix

Al, Lucille, Jimi, and Leon Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix and his father, Al Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix at 3 years old

Lucille Jeter-Hendrix

Al, Lucille, Jimi and Leon

Jimi by Al's side

Jimi at 3 years old

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Diana Carpenter

Jimi Hendrix at 2 years old



Diana Carpenter

Jimi at 2 years old

Tamika, 19 with Israel and Lanika

Baby Tamika, 3 days old

Tamika at 14 years old

Note from Gramps (Al) to Tamika

Tamika, 19
with Israel & Lanika

Baby Tamika, 3 days old

Tamika at 14

Autograph from Gramps (Al) to Tamika

Tamika going to see Gramps (Al)

Tamika, 32 at Wisconsin farm

Tamika at Gramps

Tamika and church family

Tamika, going to see Gramps
in Seattle

Tamika, 32 at
Wisconsin farm

Tamika by the fireplace
with Dad's picture

Tamika and church family

Tamika hugging Gramps (Al)

Tamika hand in hand with Gramps (Al)

Al Hendrix and Diana Carpenter

Israel's 10th birthday party

Tamika hugging Gramps

Tamika hand in hand
with Gramps

Al & Diana

Israel's 10th birthday

Israel - 5 months old

Israel - 5 months old

Israel - 2 years old


Israel, 5 months old

Israel, 5 months old

Israel, 2 years old


Israel - 3 years old

Israel at 5 years old

Israel - 14 years old

Lanika and LaShaya - 8 and 6 years old

Israel, 3 years old

Israel, 5 years old

Israel, 14 years old

Lanika and LaShaya

Israel at 16 years old

Israel - 16 years old

Israel's drawing of himself

LaShaya at 12 years old

Israel, 16 years old

Israel, 16 years old

Israel's drawing

LaShaya, 12 years old

Baby Lanika

Lanika - Cheerleader Captain


Baby LaShaya

Baby Lanika

Lanika, cheerleader captain

Lanika, 15 years old

Baby LaShaya


Lanika at 15 years old

Jimi's Super Star

LaShaya - 6 years old

Lanika, 15 years old

Lanika, 15 years old

Jimi's Super Stars!

LaShaya, 6 years old

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