Tamika Laurice James-Hendrix

NEW YORK, N.Y.  10022

                                                                                                   June 11, 1970

Mr. Jimi Hendrix
59 West 12th Street
New York, New York  10011

Dear Jimi:

     Regina Jackson, or Diana Carpenter, whichever name you prefer, is contemplating initiating paternity proceedings against you.

     I met with her lawyer and her on Tuesday in Minneapolis.  She told me she had spoken to you about two weeks previous, but you never mentioned this to me. The lawyer has some grand ideas about your setting up a trust for the child to assure her education and support.  Under normal circumstances, this would be desirable, but in your present financial condition it is impossible.  We will have to work our some kind of weekly or monthly support payment.

     The baby is having a blood test made at Minneapolis, and I will be informed of the laboratory in New York where you are to have your test taken.  The bloods will then be matched, and will determine whether or not you are the father.

     Please call me because there are many things to talk about.



cc: c/o Jeffery & Chandler, Inc.
      27 E. 37th St., New York, N.Y.  10016

Baby Tamika, 3 days old

Tamika at 14 years old


Baby Tamika, 3 days old

Tamika at 14


Tamika, 19 with Israel and Lanika

Tamika going to see Gramps (Al)

Tamika, 32 at Wisconsin farm

Tamika, 19
with Israel & Lanika

Tamika, going to see Gramps
in Seattle

Tamika, 32 at
Wisconsin farm

Tamika at Gramps

Tamika by the fireplace
with Dad's picture

Tamika hugging Gramps (Al)

Note from Gramps (Al) to Tamika

Tamika hand in hand with Gramps (Al)

Tamika hugging Gramps

Autograph from Gramps (Al) to Tamika

Tamika hand in hand
with Gramps
(Al Hendrix)


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