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A Book Inspired By The Goddess Of The Hunt

"Queens Don't Stand on the Corner" is about a young girl who was raised in the home of a preacher. She rebelliously leaves home at the age of 12, embittered by memories of her sexual abuse by an uncle when she was five. The young girl in my book pops in and out of foster homes before running away, this time with a man the age of her father. This man becomes wanted for kidnapping and he is quick to abandon the now fifteen-year old girl alone in the streets of New York.

A song by Jimi Hendrix to his daughter Tamika titled: "Little Red Velvet Room"       (My heart)

"Lucy, how is my child Tami doing? She is all right. She is doing just fine, 
I carried you everywhere in my pocket, including my concerts." 
- Jimi Hendrix, 1970

Tamika Laurice James-Hendrix        

Transforming Despair Into Destiny

After all the trials, "Queens Don't Stand on the Corner" transforms into a beautiful, romantic book. As the heroine is dying from pneumonia on the streets of New York, she is rescued by a man named Jimmy James; the man who would go on to become Jimi Hendrix. She gives this young man her runaway name, Regina, and they live together for a period of six months.

During this time, Tamika is conceived before Regina has to run away again, this time from police officers that want to arrest her for jumping bail. While she escapes to have their baby, Jimmy receives his big break and establishes the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He is unable to find his true love, but the beauty of their relationship can be heard in his music as further adventure, love, and poetry can be heard as Jimi and Regina search for their lost loves. Love awakens when the time is right, in San Francisco, the Spring of 1969.

But you shall remember the Lord, your God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth. -Deuteronomy 8;18

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